Corporate Overview

Holosafe Security Labels Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2006. Holosafe Security Labels Pvt. Ltd, a reputed name in the Indian holographic and label industry is supported by a very dynamic and expert team of professionals who are well equipped with the latest holographic technologies in holographic solutions and is constantly innovating to add value to its products. It manufactures a complete range of printed paper labels, holograms and holographic foils. Holosafe helps customers to not only insure their products from any kind of pilferage but also increases the credibility of their products and Company in the market. The competitive price offered by Holosafe will also substantiate that the product cost remains low. Holosafe constantly upgrades its technical orientations according to the growing needs of the national and international market.

Over the years, Holosafe Security Labels Pvt. Ltd has firmly established itself in the Indian market place by supplying high quality and innovative products to customers covering a wide range of industries.

With years of business experience and a testimony of hundreds of satisfied customers, Holosafe Security Labels Pvt. Ltd. has indeed come a long way.


We at Holosafe Security Labels Pvt. Ltd. are committed to safe & pollution free operations for manufacture of holograms & labels and customer satisfaction through: