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Hologram Security features

Switching Effects /Flip-Flop Image: Multiple Image / Text are visible at a static position when the hologram is tilted from 0 to 180 Degrees to the view Axis

Micro Text: Text visible when observed with magnifying device. Micro text Font is 1/1000 of an Micron. The text can be visible only through Magnifying Glass devices.

Nano Text : Nano text is 1 millionth of a micrometer. The text can be visible only through Microscope.

Concealed Text / Pattern: Certain Image and text are visible only when the hologram is inclined to certain degree of angle

Dot / Polygon / Line / Pattern Matrix: Image / Text are converted into pixel ( up tp 12000 pixel per inch ). The pixel shape could be a dot polygon or line and any pattern making it one of the security features of hologram

True Image (2D): The images are recorded in their true image with scaling rate of minimum colours 256 shade. It is impossible to make counterfeit unless the counterfeiters get the original image during the shooting.

Morse text: These are pattern lines, and hidden text can be viewed with a special film

Kinetic Effects:This is the pattern of line which move in linear, radial, conical or any angle when the hologram is tilted.

Channel Effects: Same to Kinetic Effects but before and after effect lines or patterns will be not visible.

Image / text in depth: The image and text are place in multiple depth in multiple layer

3d / Model: This is the exact replica of model where different, view from X, Y, Z Axis can be view

True Color 3d Stereogram: A real 3d Image up to 80,000 colors can be observed from various angle

Animation: These are the pattern in animation from like Flying Birds, Butterflies or Logos in Static and Dynamic Position

Complex Geometry / Guilloche Effects: These are the pattern of lines / curve in a complex geometry of angular and linear Deflection

High Resolution Line /Curve: This is high resolution curve / Line visible through

Raster image: The image is restriped in dots or line matrix

Gradient effects: These are the animate color with any shade of color

Zoom Effects: Logo or image increase or decrease in radial form

Animated text: Text word animated in certain angle / format

C.L.R(Computer Laser Readable) : Certain image / Text are visible when a laser beam is deflected from the Hologram to a white surface

Laser viewable Animated text: Certain form of text and image are viewed in animation from a laser scanner when moved along the hologram

Grey Scale Image: The Effects make the surface of Hologram look like etched effects for any clear information

Binary Text (200 - 50 Micron): Any text or image can be hidden and observed under a magnifier with the power of 15 times.