Self Adhesive Labels


Anti Counterfeit Label

Anti Counterfeit labels are used to safeguard goods from tampering, counterfeiting and diversion. Security labeling not only authenticates products to consumers, but also protects the company’s brand and revenues in the marketplace. In addition, security labels can be used to monitor products as they travel through the supply chain.

With their rich functionality, security labels are used to protect high-value goods or easily counterfeited items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and other consumer goods. The security measures may be overt, visible to the human eye, or covert, viewable only via special equipment.

Tamper Evident Label

Tamper evident seals and security labels are often used to detect tampering of containers and access points. When removed, the tamper evident seal will self-destruct to indicate that the seal has been broken. Our security labels feature superior tamper evident performance.

Automotive Label

Duplication and counterfeiting of parts and accessories is a challenge for the automobile industry. Counterfeits not only cause financial losses to the manufacturers but also compromise passenger safety due to their sub-par quality. Holosafe’s high-security automotive labels are customised to meet the challenges of the automobile and auto parts sector. These labels incorporate advanced security features to prevent counterfeiting and forgery.

Pharmaceutical Label

Duplication and counterfeiting can be life threatening for the pharmaceutical industry. Holosafe offers high-security labels with advanced security features to meet the various critical requirements. Our secure labels also provide safety and durability to the packaging, making them withstand the harshest transportation & storage conditions.

Food and Beverages Label

These labels stand out for their exquisite design and cosmetic features. Our Liquor labels are about style and content to catch eyeballs. In lively colors, images & feel, these exquisite labels give the a persona of its own.

Scratch Label

Scratch labels are designed to conceal data below the scratch-coating which the end user can see only after scratching off the top surface. These are widely used for various marketing & promotional activities targeted at end users such as recharge vouchers, gift cards warranty / reward schemes etc. These labels have a adhesive backing with a scratchable surface on top, which can be both holographic or non-holographic.

Smart Label

Smart labels which have barcodes or QR Codes printed on them, are used on the packaging of products for imparting vital information regarding its brand owner, manufacturing details etc.. Various security elements can also be incorporated in labels like holograms, security inks and many more. The labels can also be customized according to the client’s needs through various options like pre-printing, range of substrates etc.

Variable Data Label

Serial numbers are a big part of business and are commonly used on products to track shipments, batch dates, lots and model numbers. Unique serial numbering aids in quality control and protects against theft/counterfeiting.

Battery Label

These labels are specially designed for mobile batteries and other electronic items. Using specially made substrates, they incorporate special design features to prevent counterfeit.