Originating Techniques

Originating Techniques

Hologram Master Origination Types:

The basic process of creating a Holographic Image is referred to as ‘Origination’; the core scientific principle being that beams of light can be split up & when passed through lenses create an interference pattern & rainbow colors. Hologram master origination is a piece of nickel mold which plays a security key role in the hologram manufacturing. Combination of different security features like 2D/3D, Dot-matrix, 3D, 2D, E-beam, True Color, CLR & Moire Hidden text, Micron text, Nano text, Guilloche Lines, Multi Channels, will achieve a good hologram against counterfeit.

DOT-MATRIX Hologram:

Dot-Matrix holographic label allows implementing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots in hologram. Dot-matrix hologram is the result of designs comprising many tiny hologram dots which millions of grating dots' viewing angles and position are accurately recorded. They create a beautiful impact of variable images, especial many types of kinetic movements. E-beam hologram system has much smaller dots thanDot-matrix system.

2D/3D Hologram:

2D/3D hologram sticker is made up of multiple two dimensional layers with holographic images visually placed one behind another. Hologram visual depth produces an effect of three-dimensional holographic structure by laser optical recording. 2D/3D hologram labels colorful images and clear 3D depth between different layers. Hologram stickers made by 2D & 2D/3D optical recording system have better sharpness and color than Dot-matrix or E-beam system.

True Color Hologram:

True color holographic label is made up of photographic quality portrait art-work with natural color. If counterfeiter cannot get original portrait, they won't be able to duplicate similar hologram close to original one.

2D Hologram

2D hologram sticker is made up of two dimensional images. The holographic images are assigned different colors and position in one layer. All color seperation images and text are on surface, without visual depth. 2D hologram has the highest brightness and sharpness.

E-Beam Hologram :

We offer a wide assortment of E-beam holograms which are created using powerful electron beams. We manufacture E-beam holograms for complete security to the product from their duplicated ones. An e-beam hologram technology is based on synthesizing of micro relief with specified parameters by electronic beam, which can be focused in a spot with a few nanometer sizes.

Exactly the e-beam technology of hologram origination is used in products as security applications. This technique is to provide high resolution for nano features and vivid and sharp images. By using E-beam hologram technique, we can also add color control and animated hidden text and images to make it more authentic. Our E-beam Holograms incorporate security elements that cannot be manufactured using other technologies. E-beam technology creates originals of computer-synthesized e-beam holograms with high level of protection parameters.

Specifications of E-Beam Holograms:
  1. Gradient and Raster Effect with 2D/ 3D Background
  2. Sharp Pixel Technology
  3. Kinetic Movement
  4. Micro and Nano Text
  5. Animated Concealed Laser Readable Image
  6. Effective Lens.
Flip-Flop Hologram Multichannel switch and flip-flop effect: 2D/3D, Dot-Matrix, E-beam hologram allows display two or more images from different viewing angles. When the viewing angle changes horizontally (left to right) or vertically (upside and down), different images evolve through the hologram label. These switch effects with multichannel are overt features.