Tamper Evident

Tamper Evident

Holosafe offers a wide range of tamper evident products. Holosafe manufactures tamper evident holograms in diverse options such as full release tamper / VOID – pattern – customized tamper / selective tamper / frangible destructible / UV tamper / transparent – translucent and many more. Such a wide variety helps our customers in choosing the right product for their needs.

  1. Full Release: When an attempt is made to peel off a Hologram affixed on the substrate, a clear film comes off leaving behind the moralized portion which cannot be removed.

  2. Void : Instead of a clear film coming off, a ‘void’ pattern is visible when the Hologram is peeled off. Void Tamper Evident film offers high Security.

  3. Pattern : In this type of Hologram, a ‘honeycomb’ pattern is visible when the Hologram is peeled off. This pattern can be customized depending on order quantity. Pattern release tamper evident film offers High Security.

  4. Customized: This is a high security option whereby the logo or name of the user Company is incorporated as a tamper evident feature. When an attempt is made to peel the Hologram, the logo or name becomes visible. Customised film offers very high security.

  5. Selective Tamper : In this type of Hologram, part of the Hologram can be Full Release Tamper & part can be a Void Tamper feature.

  6. Transparent : Transparent Holograms are made using a special High Refractive Index (HRI ) film. The tamper evident feature can either be Full Release or Void or Pattern type. These Holograms are commonly used for sealing purposes as the printed matter on which the Hologram is affixed can be seen clearly through it along with the Holographic effect.

  7. Translucent : Translucent Holograms are semi-transparent in nature with a Full Release Tamper feature. Used as a sealing cum security solution. Can be incorporated in Labels also. Ideal for Anti-Counterfeit / Anti-Tampering applications.

  8. Coloured : Coloured Holograms with Void Tamper feature in the same colour as that of the Hologram. This is a non-metallic Hologram which makes it highly secure & unique.

  9. UV Tamper : When the Hologram is tampered, the Void text is visible which also has Ultraviolet (UV) Glow properties. When a UV light source is shone on this feature, the Void text will glow.

  10. Frangible Destructible : In this type of hologram, the label material is ‘frangible’ in nature. When an attempt is made to peel it off, it will disintegrate into tiny pieces.