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What Is Hologram?

Holography is a technique which enables three-dimensional images to be made. It involves the use of a laser, interference, and diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way as if the object were still present, thus making the image appear three-dimensional.

Hologram stickers provide a mark of authentication which is virtually impossible to replicate. A well-designed hologram sticker provides the ultimate security for its unique and easy verification. Apart from being cost effective, a hologram sticker is also extremely eye-catching. Holosafe offers holographic solutions through a wide range of products to cater to the specific needs of every customer.

A hologram is a “high-tech optical laser-recording” of a 3D (dimensional) image. It bears multiple layers of impressions of the customized artwork. Along with High Security features it demonstrates multiple images reconstructed as one image. Holograms have complete parallax & depth of field due to high refraction of light. The images seem to float in space behind and / or in front of the 2D recording medium.

Different cross sections of the image can be seen along different directions when viewed at the correct angle of light. Its dramatic effects look “real” because of vibrant colors, motion and images at different depths.

Why should your product have hologram?