Holographic Cold Foil Printing

Cold foil printing is a new metallic decorative printing technique whereby adhesive is applied to the base paper with a printing plate and the foil is then transferred onto the adhesive. Unlike conventional hot stamping, it does not require heat or pressure (hence the term “cold”). Cold foiling is online transfer process wherein a UV-curable adhesive is printed onto the substrate as per the desired shape and design, after which the foil is applied on to the substrate, and then stripped away, leaving only the area where the adhesive was applied. Since this process does not need a die to be made, there is a considerable reduction in the production time. Cold foiling can also have various special effects such as embossing, gradient, gloss/matte finish etc. Cold foiling is a high speed process, and precise registration is ensured with our latest technology machines. A wide variety of patterns and colours are possible with this process, and cold foils can be overprinted easily and are perfect for applications using heat sensitive materials.



Advantages of coil foil stamping

• High Speed, online process translates into quicker deliveries
• Available in a wide range of colors and finishes
• No dies required – reduced tooling time and costs
• High durability and aesthetic appeal


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