Holographic Hot Stamping

Holosafe has expertise in various types of Holographic transfer. Our hot stamping hologram is provided in roll form. The PET material used to produce the holographic hot stamping foil is coated with a special adhesive coating so that the image can be transferred to the desired position. By using a hot stamping machine, the optical image from hologram foil can be transferred to various materials, such as paper certificates, stickers, plastic PVC cards etc. Each hologram image on the foil stamping has a registered mark along with it, which can be used to locate the position of each hot stamping foil label, ensure the optical image can be accurately transferred to a required position. Our company also supplies continuous designs of customized holographic images in roll form to cater to unique requirements. After the hot stamping process, it is like a permanent existence. This hologram image can’t be lifted up or removed. So that it can effectively protect the brand, documents, IDs information from unauthorized access.



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