Secure Substrates

Holosafe offers endless possibilities in terms of materials such as metallic films, void tamper films, destructible vinyl materials, de-laminate materials and many more. All substrates sourced by us undergo rigorous quality checks, which ensures that our finished products are durable and of the highest quality. These substrates possess the ability to be printed on through a variety of printing methods and with a wide range of specialized inks.

Following are some of the most common materials used for manufacturing of security holograms & labels.

Plastic film

Holosafe offers Plastic printed solutions for better durability, high wear resistance and aesthetics. We use a wide range of plastics like PVC, polycarbonate (PC) & clear polyester (PET) from 100 microns to 650 micron depending upon customer requirements, usage & choice. Our latest UV printing & curing technology has the best UV lamps especially designed for highly opaque inks like white. This technology offers ultimate curing of opaque inks even at higher speeds thus providing unmatchable opacity on plastic substrates. This technology also ensures that the Label has a better scuff / rub resistance. For value enhancement- combination printing or overprint effects likes texture/ drip off effect, foiling/leafing etc. can be added so as to make the Labels stand out.

Metallic Tamper Films

These PET films in various metallic colours can be combined with different types of tamper evidence such as full release tamper, Honeycomb tamper, Void tamper (shiny or matte finish), customized tamper etc. The tamper evidence traces will be left on the surface of application and the label will get tampered once removed.

Coloured Tamper Films

These are PET films that can be in any base colour as required by the client. The tamper evidence can be void tamper or customized tamper. The tamper evidence traces will be left on the surface of application and the label will get tampered once removed.

No Transfer Films

In this case, the label will get tampered with a void or customized design but no traces will be left on the surface of application but the label cannot be reused due to the tamper evidence being activated. These can be made in a variety of colours.

Destructible Vinyl

This is a special material which can be used for difficult surfaces where tamper evidence is critical. After application, if the label is removed, the material will break up into small pieces thereby destroying the label and preventing its re-use.

Delaminating Materials

These materials offer a functionality to a label that once it is applied, if an attempt is made to remove it, the top layer of the material comes off thereby rendering the label useless.

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