Security Printing

The advent of sophisticated technology has also caused an unwanted trend of counterfeited products that is growing at an alarming rate worldwide. The production and trafficking of counterfeit goods poses a significant health and safety threat to consumers. It also impacts the economic growth of legitimate businesses and consumers through lost revenue, downtime, and replacement costs.

Security features being offered by Holosafe can be broadly divided into these categories:

Overt Security Features:

They are visible to the naked eye. Overt features are created using sophisticated software and are good Défense mechanism against the counterfeit threat. Holosafe offers Overt features such as Guilloche pattern, Rasterization, Embossed effect, Hybrid effect, Cast & Cure etc.

Covert Security Features:

They offer a higher Défense mechanism against the counterfeit threat. The embedded security features can be viewed using specific gadgets like magnifying glass, UV Lens etc. Holosafe offers covert features like micro text, Invisible UV, Encrypted pattern, thermochromic printing etc.

Forensic Features:

Features like Nano text/ images can be embedded to achieve a high Défense mechanism against the counterfeit threat. They can be viewed using high powered microscope and are used by companies to authenticate their labels.

Key impacts of counterfeiting

  • Stealing sales by undercutting prices
  • Damaging authentic brands’ reputation
  • Leaving companies to deal with the fallout of counterfeits
  • Harming the long-term trust built with business partners
  • Forcing brands to spend time and money fighting fakes
Holosafe aims to fight this menace which threatens to destroy brands built with years of hard work and investment. We have developed sophisticated Security Printing Techniques to combat forgery, tampering and counterfeiting. The labels are customised after ascertaining the counterfeit threat. The security features offered by us can be categorised into Overt, Covert and Forensic features. This combination helps to create Labels which are very difficult to counterfeit. Such sophisticated anti counterfeit features can be used to make MRP Labels, Warranty Labels, Product labels etc.