Shrink Sleeves

Holosafe is a leading manufacturer of Shrink sleeves which are the fastest
growing label technology for many different reasons. This solution allows
you to have a 360-degree display of your label’s beautiful graphics and
text. This in turn gives your products maximum marketing exposure and
aesthetic impact. Shrink sleeves are not only beautiful, but also provide
functional benefits such as: excellent scuff resistance, easy detection of
tamper evidence, and consumer-convenient multi-pack presentation.


Shrink sleeves serve brands by transforming product packaging into
creative billboards. Its operational efficiency and conformity to even difficult
container shapes, have enabled impactful brand associations for a wide-
range of applications, from juice packing or ice-tea packing to homecare
and automobile products. Our shrink sleeves can be customized to meet
unique brand promotion, tamper-evidence and pack aesthetic needs. We
give you the choice to experiment with special printing effects, textures,
limited edition packaging and other pack interaction techniques.

Holosafe utilises both UV flexography and rotogravure printing to provide photo quality images. Many different eye-catching label innovations are implemented with shrink sleeves to gain stopping power at shelf. Once the film comes in contact with heat, the label shrinks and tightly conforms to the shape of the container. Shrink sleeve labels can accommodate extreme
container contour. This flexibility is applicable to virtually any shape or size
container on a variety of films.

Our Shrink sleeves are available in both PVC and PET, in varying micron
ranges for high-speed sleeving solutions. With product enhancements that include matte, metallic, twin, holography and profile sleeves, our shrink sleeve labels fit around the product like a second skin.

We offer sleeves in both roll and cut form. Our multi-coloured printed Roll Fed Labels are available for different substrates like pearlized opaque, transparent and metallic finish for carbonated beverages, packaged drinking water and other suitable applications for automated labelling lines. Our Roll Fed Labels have the highest efficiency and cost optimization
capability for online application.

Along with a focus on ease of application, we also put emphasis on environmental friendly labelling solutions.

Our product offering

  • PET, OPS & PVC shrink sleeves
  • Shrink sleeve with tamper-evidence
  • Shrink sleeves for easy recyclability
  • Pack enhancement solutions through special inks and lacquers
  • Premium finishing effects: matt, metallic, cold & hot foil-stamping,
    tactile effects, registered holography
  • Unique textures with embossed labels and special varnishes for
    grainy, satin or any other effect
  • Promotional shrink sleeves with special perforations, back-side
    printing, unique random codes or variable designs with digital printing

BOPP Wrap Around Labels

Wrap around labels are roll fed labels available in oriented poly propylene in pearlized white opaque or natural transparent. We offer oriented polypropylene roll fed labels for 360 degree, full body wrap around labelling of carbonated soft drinks, pet water bottles, beverage, coffee and food products. Our in-house label designers can create
beautiful, aesthetic designs of 10 colours printed graphics to make your products attractive on the shelf. Label thickness ranges from 35 to 70 microns.


  • Sleeves with Holographic Strip act as a counterfeit measure
  • Adaptable to curvatures and sizes of diverse variations
  • Cap sleeves come with tear seal and are tamper evident

  • Suitable for all substrates (metal, glass and plastic)
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Tamper evidence
  • Multi-packs
  • Scuff resistance

  • Great solution for unique shaped containers
  • Flexo and Gravure Print Options
  • Foil, tactile & embellishment options
  • Sustainability options (supporting PET recycling)