Track & Trace

Digitizing the supply chain while ensuring Visibility

The rapid transition to a Digitally powered world is not lost on anyone. However, in the end customers consume Physical products. Holosafe helps digitize the Packaging or Labelling around a brand or product. Holosafe provides solutions centred around Packaging, Labelling & Print technology, to brands, products & E-Commerce. By combining the Physical & Digital (Phygital) aspects of the package, we make it come alive, in 3 ways below, to help drive revenue, an efficient supply chain, and pin-point accuracy in marketing efforts -


Irrefutably confirm originality and genuineness of a package through supply chains, from Farm to Fork or Factory Floor to Consumer.


The platform allows businesses to make themselves, their products and supply chains more Transparent and Traceable. Geo-Tag every unit of every SKU individually in the entire journey offering an unmatched Track & Trace solution.


The Package comes alive! Retailer, Brand Owner, Loyalty Marketeer can have a direct 1:1 relationship with each customer or influencer in between, irrespective which channel the product was sold through.

Knowing every supply chain interaction with your products – who, where, when, what and being able to act on it is the Holy Grail for Supply Chain teams. Pin-Point accuracy on stock availability at each point, diversion if any, close to expiry, product recalls, optimizing inventory levels and now ecommerce linked challenges, make it even harder to monitor the end-to-end supply chain. Our Phygital Label, gives the power back to the brand who can now have near real time visibility from components / parts inwards, to warehouse to factory to distribution to retail to consumer.

While 360º visibility and interactivity is truly transformative for any brand, it always boils down to cost, ROI & amount of change to drive. With years of rich experience of manufacturing ‘Smart’ Labels, Holosafe can remove costs from products and packaging along with driving innovation and sustainability. This allows us to offer low or no incremental cost solutions which we can implement right across the physical and digital infrastructure.

Our unique high-security labels are specially innovated for Track and Trace functionality. The labels carry encoded barcode which can be easily traced and tracked using a scanner. These SMART Labels offer beneficial track and trace features that can help users generate unique sequential, encrypted or random serial numbers or identify and mark products overtly or covertly either via special self-adhesive labels or directly onto product using a variety of print technologies.
The identity of individual items can be linked to packaging through a unique code, which in turn can be linked to case ID, pallet ID or container ID. The recording of this so-called parent child relationship between unit pack, carton and pallet is the beginning of an electronic pedigree, which allows the item to be tracked throughout the many layers of the distribution chain. Of particular value to the brand owner (and a strong financial incentive to make the investment in such systems) is the fact that the information generated at this labelling stage can be linked to the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which links in a single database the data needed for a variety of business functions. Smart Labels can be integrated with secure Web interfaces to help eliminate rogue ordering of products while authorized distributors can pick, pack and ship items in carefully measured quantities to customers with the product’s movements throughout the supply chain tracked and fully documented.

When brand owners or licensors make agreements to enable a third-party to produce licensed products, a security device is typically used to ensure authenticity and to help keep track of royalties. Sequentially numbered anti-counterfeit security labels are supplied to the manufacturing site in exactly the correct number corresponding to the quantity of items ordered. Here, the role of the Label is to act as the security device—an integral part of an all round added value information toolkit designed to support the secure ordering, shipping, tracking and control of components. The inclusion of serial number tracking enables the licensor to search the history of a particular serial number and identify to whom that item was shipped and when. Conversely, if any items are discovered in the marketplace lacking the security label, it is automatically unauthorized thus opening the door to prosecution of the vendor for illicit trading.