Originating Techniques

Security Printing

Holosafe continuously innovates to develop new printing techniques to offer fool proof security to our Clients’ brands. Our sophisticated printing technology helps us to successfully combat counterfeiting & forgery of Brands.

Depiction of security features being offered by Holosafe:

Placeholder Art work

Security features being offered by Holosafe can be broadly divided into these categories:

Overt Security Features:
They are visible to the naked eye. Overt features are created using sophisticated software and are good Défense mechanism against the counterfeit threat. Holosafe offers Overt features such as Guilloche pattern, Rasterization, Embossed effect, Hybrid effect, Cast & Cure etc.

Covert Security Features:
They offer a higher Défense mechanism against the counterfeit threat. The embedded security features can be viewed using specific gadgets like magnifying glass, UV Lens etc. Holosafe offers covert features like micro text, Invisible UV, Encrypted pattern, thermochromic printing etc.

Forensic Features:
Features like Nano text/ images can be embedded to achieve a high Défense mechanism against the counterfeit threat. They can be viewed using high powered microscope and are used by companies to authenticate their labels.